Propaganda Campaign Behind Calls for a New Draft

July 13, 2012

The draft is coming back.  Whether it happens after Obama is reelected and he has nothing left to fear, or it happens when the warmongering Romney is elected, the draft is coming back.  The propaganda machine has been set in motion and the mass indoctrination has begun.  Calls from people like Stanley McChrystal and Thomas Ricks are just the beginning, and the end will be another gross encroachment on the liberty of a formerly free and once-proud people.

The propagandists will be right about one thing, and that is how the volunteer nature of the armed forces is hindering America’s objectives.  There are only so many dumb people unstable enough to become murderous thugs just for a paycheck.  When signing up for the military means agreeing to ten tours of Afghanistan or wherever else we decide to invade under false pretenses, that increasingly worthless free education stops looking so enticing.  Nobody will stop to question whether America should continue fighting multiple endless declared and undeclared wars all over the globe, of course, because it would be ridiculous to suggest we do anything besides loot and pillage sovereign nations while installing puppet governments.

For America to continue its’ belligerent march around the globe, more troops will be needed.  As more young people wake up to the flow of knowledge and become aware of the real objectives of war and the real motives of their leaders, fewer and fewer will volunteer.  There is no chance that the American government will let a minor inconvenience like kids not wanting to die for nothing mess with their plans of world domination.  As an added bonus, those pesky unemployment numbers will shrink drastically when all those young people actually have something to do.

Ricks tries to minimize the horrifying nature of his proposition by making the foolish case that libertarians would be able to opt out of conscription, but let’s be realistic.  We can pretend that the government would just be cool with conscientious objectors, but much more likely is that anyone who refused their “civic duties” would be labeled an enemy combatant domestic extremist and be thrown in a FEMA camp never to be seen again.  This should not sound far-fetched to anyone that is even remotely paying attention to the fascist tendencies of the government.

It is the very nature of propaganda that it begins subtly, in this case a few comments from an army commander or an opinion piece from (as Michael Suede points out) a proven defense industry shill.  Slowly the chorus of voices calling for the official implementation of a new draft will reach a dizzying height, and soon the people will believe that they, in fact, desired such a travesty all along.  If something goes wrong with the plan to reinstate the draft, meaning that people actually decide to speak out and fight back, Americans will likely be rewarded with a false flag attack to quiet the dissenters.  But there is no reason to go through the trouble of staging a false flag if a little brainwashing will accomplish the same goal.  Nothing left to do but watch the propaganda unfold, and thank god for flat feet.


Propaganda Alert!: Lowering your living standards whether you like it or not…

July 12, 2012

Folks visiting the Yahoo! homepage this week have been confronted with a seemingly quaint little story about how a NYC couple is living in an extremely tiny apartment and loving life so much more for it.  From a glance, it appears to be a feel-good story about how having less can make life more enjoyable, since having less means there is less to worry about.  But make no mistake, this seemingly innocuous little story is part of a propaganda campaign designed to lower the living standards of people everywhere.

The truth about the motives behind this propaganda can be found, among other places, in a recent article by Susanne Posel on, titled Agenda 21 Micro-Apartment Scheme Being Beta-Tested in NYC.  Posel does an excellent job chronicling how the United Nations’ insidious Agenda 21 aims to lower living standards by forcing people into tiny apartments in megacities. These eco-fascist elitists want to save us from ourselves by disarming and cramming us into 200-square foot apartments where we are totally dependent upon the nanny-state, without even so much as the ability to own a car or travel between cities.  How convenient this works out for the globalist psychopaths masquerading as philanthropists and their plans for world domination.

So, on the one hand, we have the beginnings of an authoritarian plan to rearrange all of humanity, and on the other hand, we have an article glorifying that plan without actually mentioning the real motives behind it all.  The dead giveaway is how everyone visiting Yahoo! is confronted with this tiny-apartment article, unlike how the homepage usually displays a random article from the headlines.  Henceforth, if anyone questions the new NYC policy of cramming people into the tiniest of living spaces, the evil overlords responsible can just point to this couple from the Yahoo! article and attempt to silence their critics.

The brainwashed masses will simply digest the false notion that downgrading their living standards will make them happier while making their lives more sustainable.  In reality, they are just blindly accepting the conditioning that will allow the elite to more easily herd them into their Agenda 21 cages.