No Bath Salts? The Truth about the Miami Zombie…

June 28, 2012

So it turns out that there were no bath salts found in Rudy Eugene’s system.  We have said that the whole “bath salts” story was bogus from the beginning, but we should hold off on giving the mainstream media any credit here.  In fact, this new propaganda raises more questions, without providing any closure at all to the case.

The media is pushing the fact that only marijuana was found in Rudy Eugene’s system.  As if, after thousands of years of usage all over the world, marijuana is suddenly causing people to eat each other’s faces.  Ridiculous, yes.  But is the mainstream media above pushing such nonsense?  No.  They do what they are told, and this whole anti-marijuana business sounds suspiciously like something they would be told to push by an authoritarian government.

The most plausible scenario is the hypothesis that Eugene was under mind-control.  As we have shown previously, the large masses of undigested pills, the bible as a programming guide, the missing time, and other mysterious events associated with the case all support the theory that Eugene was some sort of Manchurian Candidate.

Then there are a whole host of similar reports from around the nation of zombie-like assaults being blamed on bath salts.  So, if the first one can’t be blamed on bath salts, what about the rest?  Are those all media fabrications as well?  Just hearsay presented as facts?  What are the chances of bath salts causing all of the other similar behavior when the first report that started it all is proved to be bullshit?  Is this all just some huge anti-marijuana, anti-synthetic marijuana PSYOP being carried out on the American people?  What in the hell is going on here?

At this point there is no doubt an agenda, and clearly we are not being told the whole story.  The hypothesis that Rudy Eugene was a mind-controlled victim of some kind of black project is so far the only thing that makes any sense at all about this case.  Just keep in mind that marijuana DOES NOT turn people into face-eating zombies, regardless of what the media tells you.


Copycat Zombie Nothing to Fear, Unlike Media Hysteria

June 8, 2012

A second zombie reported in Miami has done nothing to ease the tensions of locals, nor the fears of hordes of apocalypse-minded folks around the world.  But rather than viewing the new case as a completely separate incident that occurred in a vacuum, we should instead take it in context and see that this is most likely a copycat incident.

First, it is important to note the differences.  Officers did not come upon Brandon de Leon (the new zombie) as he was eating somebody, unlike in the case with Rudy Eugene.  The behavior of De Leon only became “zombie-like” when he was already in police custody.  At this point he became irate and began screaming “I’m going to eat you” and other such things, as reported by NBC Miami.

De Leon was reported as having a verbal argument with another man.  Clearly he was in a different state of mind than Rudy Eugene if was able communicate with language.  De Leon was drunk and on drugs, nothing more than a copycat whose true rage came from being apprehended by the cops, not something that snapped deep inside him.  On the other hand, Rudy Eugene was naked, growling, and cannibalizing when officers arrived in the first place.

Whether De Leon’s actions were deliberately calculated to be zombie-like, or whether his behavior subconsciously evoked the Rudy Eugene incident, there is nothing about the case to become hysterical over.   That may come as a disappointment to all the zombie-apocalypse folks out there, but no need to worry because there are plenty of other stories around the nation that are more concerning.

As we have established previously, there is good reason to believe that Rudy Eugene was a victim of a mind control program.  The circumstances surrounding De Leon’s case, however, point to an inebriated copycat more than any sort of secret program or zombie apocalypse.  Although we should qualify that not much information is available about the case, and intelligence involvement should not be ruled out considering the proximity to the Eugene incident.

Additionally, one more circumstance does point to some sort of intelligence involvement.  And that is the incredible anti-drug propaganda.  One day nobody had ever heard of “bath salts” and now everybody in the country is losing their minds over it.  Nobody should be trying this stuff, but the anti-drug chorus coming from all directions is deafening.  Unbelievable how these morons still haven’t realized that there would never have been a market for bath salts in the first place if plants like marijuana weren’t egregiously illegal.

One thing that is certain is that when the media goes into a frenzy, laws get passed.  And learning from experience, that always means there is an agenda behind it all.  The only question is whether that agenda is appropriating events for it’s own desires, or whether that agenda is behind everything that happened in the first place as a means to some nefarious end.  So, are the zombies really the ones that we should be fearing?