Obama’s Gain is America’s Loss

June 28, 2012

So, as predicted, the Supreme Cowards of the former United States upheld the tyrannical Obamacare act.  The destruction of America has been on the globalist agenda for too long, and this act does too much to further that agenda for the Affordable Care Act to have been overturned.  The pattern is simple to recognize:  erode national sovereignty while replacing freedom and liberty with a fascist police nanny-state.  Once you see the pattern, the future becomes terrifyingly obvious.

And as to be expected, the worthless mainstream media is lauding this as a victory for Obama, when in reality it is a loss for freedom-loving people everywhere.  A free media would be mourning the tragedy of this loss of liberty, not glorifying a globalist stooge.

This is only a small step, of course.  Now the government can make you buy whatever it wants.  How could that possibly go wrong?


Let us take a few moments to mourn the destruction of a once-great republic.