James Holmes drugged for court appearance

Aurora massacre suspect James Holmes made his first appearance in court today, and his demeanor strongly suggested that he had been drugged. His “dazed” demeanor only strengthens suspicions that the attack was an intelligence false-flag psyop, designed to further the gun-control agenda of globalist fascists.

The mainstream news is reporting that Holmes “appeared dazed: his brow furrowed, his eyes opening and closing often.”  (Update:  Check out the video at Information Liberation.) To anybody familiar with the behavior of drug addicts, the demeanor of James Holmes should set off alarm bells. Opiate addicts are often described as being “on the nod” as a reference to their tendency to drift in and out of consciousness. Whatever drugs he has been force-fed while in custody, whether opiate based or otherwise, “on the nod” is a good way to describe Holmes behavior in court.

To anybody who is keeping track of the “inconvenient” aspects of the case, such as eyewitness reports of an accomplice or the evidence that Holmes had the backing of military intelligence, this behavior of Holmes is keeping in line with suspicions that he was a mind-controlled assassin.  And as Information Liberation points out, it is a known fact that another suspected mind-controlled assassin, Jared Lee Loughner, was drugged while in custody.

The use of drugs is recognized as an intrinsic part of mind-control intelligence projects like MKUltra, and his detachment from reality fully supports the hypothesis that Holmes was a Manchurian Candidate. Holmes is far from the only recent suspected mind-control victim to make gruesome headlines, however, as Jared Lee Loughner and Miami Zombie Rudy Eugene also fit the bill.  In the Holmes case the evidence is so overwhelming that it leaves little room for doubt that the whole story is not being told.

There is no need to rehash the evidence that Holmes was a patsy for a false-flag intelligence operation, as other fearless researchers have done a fine job of that.  Mike Adams has an excellent write-up here.  And Alex Jones has much of the evidence linked here.  It should suffice to say that the expenses, the sophistication, the erratic behavior, the existence of accomplices, and the demeanor of Holmes in court today all serve to support the theory that the Aurora massacre was not the lone-gunman hogwash that the media is portraying.  The truth is far more sinister, and blatantly serves the fascist elite’s gun-control agenda.


One Response to James Holmes drugged for court appearance

  1. rob says:

    I experienced mind control while on bath salts. I would have called it hallucinations, if it were not for the physical, digital, and circumstantial, oddities, like being able to record “hallucinations” and play it back for others when sober, even verified by my counselor. Also during the experience I was told about “brain frequency transmitters”, something I had never heard of, I googled it and found scientific facts of successfull work that began as early as 1920. This technology has advanced to the point of chemically altering brain frequency patterns, sending, and recieving information. They use coersive terrorist tacticts to make you think, for example, your family is being tortured next door, very real fear at the time, you can hear them plain as day and the neighbors actions fit into your observations, then you may try to save your loved ones by breaking in and doing what you feel you have to do, the right motives, from false input. This is far beyond just hallucinating, I have been taken to the hospital while influenced, evaluated by MHP and released because I was fully coherent. Only the input was altered, my thinking was clear and stable. I wanted to believe it was demons, indeed they are, however the people at the command center for this project are the ones consumed by them, inflicting torture on easy prey such as drug addicts. Any ill behaviour can simply be blamed on drugs, fully concealing the operation from the public, except from its wiser victims, and nobody would dare take a bathsalt victim seriously.

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