Propaganda Alert!: Lowering your living standards whether you like it or not…

Folks visiting the Yahoo! homepage this week have been confronted with a seemingly quaint little story about how a NYC couple is living in an extremely tiny apartment and loving life so much more for it.  From a glance, it appears to be a feel-good story about how having less can make life more enjoyable, since having less means there is less to worry about.  But make no mistake, this seemingly innocuous little story is part of a propaganda campaign designed to lower the living standards of people everywhere.

The truth about the motives behind this propaganda can be found, among other places, in a recent article by Susanne Posel on, titled Agenda 21 Micro-Apartment Scheme Being Beta-Tested in NYC.  Posel does an excellent job chronicling how the United Nations’ insidious Agenda 21 aims to lower living standards by forcing people into tiny apartments in megacities. These eco-fascist elitists want to save us from ourselves by disarming and cramming us into 200-square foot apartments where we are totally dependent upon the nanny-state, without even so much as the ability to own a car or travel between cities.  How convenient this works out for the globalist psychopaths masquerading as philanthropists and their plans for world domination.

So, on the one hand, we have the beginnings of an authoritarian plan to rearrange all of humanity, and on the other hand, we have an article glorifying that plan without actually mentioning the real motives behind it all.  The dead giveaway is how everyone visiting Yahoo! is confronted with this tiny-apartment article, unlike how the homepage usually displays a random article from the headlines.  Henceforth, if anyone questions the new NYC policy of cramming people into the tiniest of living spaces, the evil overlords responsible can just point to this couple from the Yahoo! article and attempt to silence their critics.

The brainwashed masses will simply digest the false notion that downgrading their living standards will make them happier while making their lives more sustainable.  In reality, they are just blindly accepting the conditioning that will allow the elite to more easily herd them into their Agenda 21 cages.


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