October Surprise Marijuana Legalization is a Dystopian Fantasy

The Atlantic Wire recently speculated that legalizing marijuana could be Obama’s October Surprise.  There is basically no evidence to support this theory besides a few haphazard connections, but we should always be vigilant against the ludicrous notion that the government is going to do anything to help the people.  There may be absolutely nothing to support this legalization fantasy, but since it has struck a chord with the blogosphere, I feel there are a few things worth pointing out.

First of all, anybody who believes that Obama plans to magnanimously end the criminal prohibition of marijuana as some sort of gesture of goodwill should have their sanity checked.  Let us not forget the fact that Obama has been waging a war against the medical marijuana states that have dared to reject medical authoritarianism.  States whose citizens have rallied to embrace freedom from the tyrannical medical establishment and Big Pharma are being openly targeted by the Obama administration in a flagrant violation of states’ rights.  A war on one of the most valuable plants known to mankind is a crime against humanity, and to believe that Obama is just going to reverse course and raise the white flag is an affront to reason.

When was the last time anything good ever happened as a result of some humanitarian government gesture?  Exactly.  If people hadn’t died fighting tyranny,  even the weekend would not exist.  The government only bends when the people force them to, but even then they never break.  There is no chance that marijuana legalization would ever be considered unless there was some other nefarious plan waiting in the wings.  This is the possibility we will now examine.

Let us look at exactly why an end to marijuana prohibition cannot be tolerated by the US government.  The main reason, of course, is that the illegality of marijuana makes the police and prison state possible.  Constitutional protections against illegal search and seizure have been easily circumnavigated since the drug war began.  All an officer has to do is claim that they smell marijuana, and it provides automatic justification to trample citizens’ rights.  Judges side with the police every time, and the whole system is rigged to break the backs of the citizenry under the weight of a massive police state and prison bureaucracy.  The existence of this bureaucracy is evidence enough that the government will never give in, unless they have a new and improved plan.

We should now consider how the modus operandi of the police state may have changed to allow prohibition to be lifted.  As discussed above, marijuana is the foundation of the police state.  But has the war on terror made obsolete the necessity of keeping marijuana illegal?  In the past, government goons needed an excuse (marijuana) to search innocent people.  But in today’s fascist Amerika, the militarized police do not need to keep up the pretense of searching for marijuana.  The police now can simply search anyone they wish, all under the guise of counterterrorism.  Think about the forty innocent people who were recently stopped at an intersection, searched, and handcuffed, even though they had done nothing wrong.  Not one of them objected to being treated like a criminal, because Americans have been conditioned to accept the infringement of their rights.

Americans have become used to not having human rights, and that is the problem.  There is no reason for marijuana to remain illegal, other than the fact that many who smoke it tend to become aware of the futility of their slave existence.  Perhaps the demon of marijuana has served it’s purpose, and now that there is a new terrorist demon, marijuana will simply be used for Obama propaganda purposes (this, of course, would disturbingly parallel the purpose and final end of Osama bin Laden).

Something else to keep in mind is that the police state KNOWS that it is losing the war on marijuana.  They simply can’t release a bullshit propaganda film like “Reefer Madness” and expect it to do their dirty work for the next fifty years.  Times have changed.  The government can threaten landlords, they can raid dispensaries, and they can violently disrespect the wishes of the majority of Americans, but their tactics are nothing but intimidation.  They may catch a few freedom-fighters here and there and then use the media to try to scare everyone else into submission, but the war on marijuana is not a war that they are going to win.

So, then, is it possible that the Obama administration, desperate for popular support, would consider such an action?  If it did, we can be sure of one thing:  this would not be a gift to the American people, but a curse on them.  It is not hard to envision the nature of the beast that would replace prohibition.  Is it possible that legalizing marijuana would just be a new front in the war on mankind?  Cigarette taxes make a good analogy.  The price of cigarettes used to be reasonable, but gradually taxes have increased to the point that it is impossible to smoke a lot unless you are rich.  Could this be what the Obama administration has in mind?  Would it be so unfathomable for Obama to ride the momentum of a legalization initiative into a second term, after which taxes on marijuana make it nearly impossible to afford?

Marijuana is affordable because black market economics are unencumbered by bureaucratic oversight, but what if that changed?  What if, instead of an illegal fifty dollar eighth-of-an-ounce, the same legal amount instead cost hundreds of dollars?   At the same time, any legalization initiative would likely increase penalties for growing at home without government consent, and soon enough it would be impossible to smoke weed because it would be impossible to afford weed.  Now, considering the track record of the Obama administration, and the track records of administrations of the past half-century, is this idea really so far-fetched?

Trying to determine the intentions of the most evil people that have ever lived can be a trying exercise in futility.  But it is important that we ask all the necessary questions, and that we be prepared for all possibilities.  Above all, we must be always on our guard against the idea that the US government could possibly have the best interests of American citizens in mind.  The war on drugs and the war on terror are one and the same:  neither are about their stated intention, but both are about the destruction of the American Constitution.  Whether or not Obama decides to legalize marijuana, nothing will change the fact that the government is waging a war against it’s own citizens and against mankind as a whole.  Whatever it is that Obama wants, it is a sure bet that the exact opposite is what is best for America.


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