Who wanted Rudy Eugene dead? The mystery deepens…

We have previously established that Miami Zombie Rudy Eugene was most likely a victim of mind-control, and emerging facts are confirming this theory.  The anomalous mass of undigested pills recently discovered in Eugene’s stomach appears to provide further evidence of foul play.  A mysterious four-hour chunk of missing time immediately prior to the attack also serves to cast doubt on the official theory, while confirming that there is much more to the story than the masses have been led to believe.

Recently the Miami Herald revealed that a large amount of undigested pills were found in Eugene’s stomach.  This is a curious development in the official story, which may be why the undigested pills were not widely reported.  So we apparently are to believe that Rudy Eugene was so high on bath salts that he took a ton of pills and then set about eating another man’s face before the pills could even take effect.  The closer the official story is examined, the harder it is to believe.  But if Rudy Eugene was a mind-control victim, then the presence of undigested pills is not an anomaly at all.

If we ignore the laughable “bath-salts” official story and we understand that Eugene was a mind-control victim, then it would make perfect sense that the pills would be found in Eugene’s stomach.  Whoever had programmed Eugene made sure that he would self-destruct.  Rudy Eugene was being manipulated, and his manipulators ensured that if the cops didn’t kill him, the pills would have.

Perhaps the mystery of the pills could be solved if investigators had any idea what Eugene was up to before the attack…


Detectives are still trying to piece together Eugene’s final hours. He was last reported parking his car in South Beach…about four hours before the attack.

But his whereabouts in that four-hour gap are unknown. Shortly before Eugene pounced on Ronald Poppo, a motorist called 911 to report a man on the causeway shedding his clothes and swinging from a light pole.”

Read more here:  Miami Herald article


So what happened to Rudy Eugene that fateful morning?  How could someone behaving that erratically not leave any trace of his whereabouts for FOUR hours?  At this point the answers seem obvious.  Rudy Eugene was with his handlers, undergoing the final stages of programming that would set him on his morbid course.  Eugene was drugged, his programming was finalized, and he was loosed on an unsuspecting public.

Who was with Rudy Eugene that morning?  Was Eugene forced to consume the pills in question, or was the instruction to overdose a command that had been pre-programmed?  We cannot know with certainty the answer to these questions, but we can clearly see that the only light in which these anomalous facts make any sense is with the mind-control hypothesis.

Was this all part of an agenda to further the long reach of the war on drugs?  Or was it simply an intelligence agency testing out a freakish new compound on an unsuspecting victim?  Perhaps it was a rogue black project gone awry, although that seems unlikely considering the coordinated media blitz.  We cannot know the entire plan, but through the oddities of the Miami zombie case we can clearly see an orchestrated agenda unfolding behind the scenes.


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