Miami Zombie Under Mind Control?

Many questions about the so-called “Miami Zombie” remain unanswered. This is naturally going to be the case whenever a human being engages in unprecedented behavior that defies all reason. However, when one looks more closely at the case of Rudy Eugene, a familiar pattern begins to emerge.

To understand the pattern in question, it is necessary to have some background in the past mind-control experiments of US intelligence agencies. Historians and conspiracy researchers have long been familiar with the CIA program MK Ultra; this program endeavored to control victims through various methods of brainwashing. Sensory deprivation, sensory overload, electroshock therapy, the copious use of drugs, and other methods were utilized and combined in an attempt to have total control over the brainwashed individual. It is thought that the creation of a mind-controlled assassin, or Manchurian Candidate, was one of the primary objectives of MK Ultra.

Although the program was officially abandoned in the early 1970s, the more likely scenario is that MK Ultra went underground after a name change.  Theorists believe that this type of research has carried on into the present day.  And considering the possibilities, some would say it would be irresponsible for intelligence not to pursue such research, if only to stay ahead of the competition.  If such a theory is correct, it appears likely that the Miami Zombie Rudy Eugene was a victim of just such a program. The similarities between the actions of Eugene and of suspected Manchurian Candidates like Mark David Chapman and John Hinckley cannot be ignored.

Mark David Chapman, the assassin of John Lennon, has long been considered a possible victim of mind control. Theories persist that “Catcher In the Rye” was the programming guide used by Chapman’s handlers in the CIA.  John Hinckley, attempted assassin of Ronald Reagan, was also found with a copy of the novel.  Mind control works by influencing the victim to respond to a certain phrase, command, or event with a pre-programmed action.  Is it possible that these assassins were programmed to carry out their heinous acts? And if so, is there evidence that Eugene may have had a similar programming guide? The answer, of course, is yes.

The Miami Herald reported that Eugene always carried a bible around with him, and that Eugene’s friends were constantly texting him bible verses. This might seem innocuous at first glance, but it is exactly the pattern we would expect to find if Eugene was a victim of a covert mind-control program. Those knowledgeable about such tactics are well aware that phrases and key words can be used to trigger pre-programmed responses in victims. Was the bible a programming guide, and were the “friends” in question actually his handlers from the intelligence program? Considering that SOMETHING triggered Eugene’s behavior, a behavior that those close to him cannot fathom, it is likely that his behavior was INDUCED by this method of programming.

Adding credence to this theory is that the Miami Herald also reported that Eugene’s mother and girlfriend believed that he had been “drugged” without his knowledge:

“I don’t know what they injected in him to turn him into the person who did what he did,” [his mother] said…

Read more here: Miami Herald

Anybody remotely familiar with the history of MK Ultra knows that drugging (often of an unsuspecting victim) was a key part of attempted programming. The CIA experiments with LSD and other drugs are well-known, and were an intrinsic part of attempts to brainwash victims. This mainstream media assumption that “bath salts” led to this behavior is pure speculation designed to inspire fear and distract the masses from the truth. But if Eugene was indeed drugged against his knowledge, as his mother and girlfriend suggest, everything begins to make sense.

We now see clearly that Eugene was most likely a victim of mind-control. The programming guide was the bible, the trigger phrases were biblical verses, and these verses were not texted to Eugene by his friends, but his handlers from the intelligence apparatus.  Perhaps the handlers expected this to happen, but perhaps it was an experiment gone horribly awry.  In this context, however, the behavior that has confounded the entire world appears to actually make sense.  And the only thing scarier than a random zombie attack is the idea that powerful people from a shadow government made it happen on purpose.


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